klink0v (klink0v) wrote,

И ещё одни сказочные п...ы

На этот раз про хостинг "VPS9". Прислали мне тут письмо, красавцы.

Dear John Smith,

Company has decided to discontinue the association with XEN Virtualization Technology due to lack of support and frequent updates and shifting over to KVM Virtualization which is more stable then XEN.

We have created another VPS and request you to transfer all your files to the new KVM VPS Node.

You can transfer your files within next 7 Days, you have time till 21-02-2018,

Feel Free to contact us back.

Your OLD IP -
Your NEW IP -

Thank you for contacting through support ticket system. Hope we were helpful to your queries. For more support feel free to contact us anytime.

Ну шо я могу сказать? В газенваген сразу. Тоже мне, хостеры, блин.

Tags: blacklist, it, козлы, хостинги
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